Amazing Commercial Shop For Sale In Raipur’s Industrial Hub

When looking for a shop for sale in Raipur, there are certain criteria that you may have in mind, without which your interest in the place would slump. If you need value for money with commercial real estate investment India look no further than Shriram Business Park.


Shriram Business Park is an independent, intelligent and integrated project that exhibits a rare mix of high-end living and world-class business amenities that is capable of catering to the elite market of Central India.


While builders in Raipur are plenty, none have so far been able to execute a business cum residential township. Shriram Business Park exemplifies the goals of a modern commercial park while promoting the rich legacy of Chhattisgarh.


The term ‘first impressions are last impressions’ could not be more true when thinking about commercial spaces. The entrance to an establishment makes or breaks the first impression of your business and greatly effects or affects your chances of making a sale. Entrances of grandeur welcome you to Shriram Business Park while leaving a promising impression upon the mind of the potential customer. 


The 30 meter wide road dissects the park while leading the customer to entrances and open courts, leaving a lasting impression of order within flamboyantly painted courtyards and lavish landscaping.


As an investor looking at property investment, you would want to look at a commercial shop for sale that is built with a shopping enthusiast in mind. A space that is capable of leaving a lasting impression with the elevation of the external facade alone. Shriram Business Park houses a variety of retail shops that boast multiple levels with wide open spaces for the customers to wander around without casting a feeling of claustrophobia. 


The Central Plaza at Shriram Business Park is a space that is capable of pulling crowds with its beautifully designed open spaces and plans to house container restaurants and handicraft stores. The amphitheater and event spaces lend this area a dynamic crowd pulling charm.


Navigating through Raipur is usually done with privately owned transport. Owing to this fact, having a commercial plot that can house your customers’ vehicles while they patronize your establishment is a point of high priority. Shriram Business Park facilitates parking of three types to suit the convenience of your customers. On road parking in front of the commercial shops helps customers with a quick option to quickly pick up what is the need of the hour and dash. Shriram Business Park houses a standalone parking building that allows customers to park vehicles securely with mechanically enabled vehicle elevators in a standalone structure that protects their vehicle from the elements. Along with on-road and standalone parkings, various parking spaces have been created within Shriram Business Park to distribute the density of parked vehicles.