4 Ways to Find the Best Shop for Rent Near Me - Raipur

4 Ways to Find the Best Shop for Rent Near Me – Raipur

Renting commercial spaces is not an easy task for business owners. Often get lost while searching for commercial properties in google? 

Shriram Business Park offers a simple step by step guide for you to get your own commercial properties or plots.  

Unlike residential properties, commercial real estate does not have a single stop for “shops to rent near me” 

So to make this process easier and to find the best commercial shops for rent in Raipur, as renting a retail location will be one of your largest business operational costs, it is wise to plan to get the best shop for rent. When looking for a shop to rent, keep the following criteria in mind: 

1. Decide a set budget– your budget will affect a lot of other factors including:   

a ) Convenience  –

You might anticipate paying extra for a lease if a shop for rent is in a convenient location with other small shops, parking, and so on.

b ) Location

When looking for a shop for rent in Raipur, everyone will want a location with a high footfall. Therefore, renting space in busy shopping areas will boost the cost of the lease.

c) Lease term

Taking out a long lease (more than a year) may allow you to negotiate a lower price. 

2. Narrow down your requisites- decide the required area along with the amenities to filter out your search for shops that you want to rent.

3. Know your surroundings –

a) Search the net- 

If you’re just starting out, you might not need the assistance of a broker to find commercial property. Perhaps you simply want to check what’s on the market and alternatively, get a sense of rent prices.

Using Magicbricks and 99acres to scrape the surface and become acquainted with the market is a solid starting point.

These internet sites may not offer all of the information you need to make a decision, but they will provide you with enough to get you comfortably educated.

b) Survey the area around your market –

Another technique to find commercial space for rent is to drive about the regions where you want to launch your business.

You may even want to walk about your area, depending on where your potential clients live.

Pay attention to buildings with boarded-up windows or that appear to have no automobiles parked in the lot during busy hours.

There will also be “for lease” signs in the windows, frequently with a phone number. Keep an eye out while browsing for options.

4. Identify the right people to help with your search –


You can look for a store place to rent on your own. However, due to the large stakes involved, you should prefer to hire a commercial real estate broker to help you with the “shop for rent near me” searches.

a) Commercial real estate broker- 

They specialize in leasing and selling commercial property, including office, retail, and industrial space.

Your commercial real estate broker, in addition to your commercial attorney, will be your professional adviser throughout the leasing process.

Because commercial real estate lacks a listing database, brokers are your best source for what is available and what may become available in your market for the best openings in Raipur.

Not only will your commercial real estate broker be able to assist you in finding space, but they will also be able to assist you in negotiating your lease so that you know you’re receiving the best bargain available.

Brokers can assist in negotiating rental prices, build out allowances, rent abatement periods, and a variety of other issues.

The best part about hiring a commercial real estate broker to represent your business?

It won’t cost you a dime. Just like residential real estate, the property owner pays your  broker’s fee.

b) Connect with other Business owners – 

In your shortlisted areas, talk to the pre- existing business owners. Business owners that are already in the neighborhood or location where you want to rent commercial space might be a fantastic resource.

They’ll generally be aware of what’s available or will be available shortly in the vicinity.

Small company owners and entrepreneurs are like a family, especially in certain neighborhoods. “I’ll still swing by and ask what’s going on in the area” – they’ll often hear rumblings about space becoming available early on.

They also have previous experience as a tenant with several landlords in the neighborhood and can quickly give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on that relationship.