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When looking for reliable long term growth in a stable asset class, investment in commercial property is the first thing that comes to mind. Over the decades many investment options have cropped up, but purchasing a commercial shop or commercial plots is still the most popular and has proven to be most beneficial in the long term. Due to industrialization, changing demographics and expansion of technological companies, one has seen a big demand in the real estate market. Companies expanding and opening up offices in multiple cities have pushed the demand not just in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. but also in developing cities. One of the cities where this revolution has changed the real estate market dynamics is Raipur. 

Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh, is an industrial hub with a great connectivity to major cities across India. An upcoming smart city with a strong base for steel, agro and cement industry makes it a great choice for other companies looking to expand. With the expansion of existing industries and new companies looking to explore this market, the city has seen a huge interest for both commercial and residential real estate.

For those looking to make the most of this surge and grow their investment, buying a commercial property in Raipur is the way to go. With many options of commercial property for sale in Raipur, making the choice could be difficult. So what should one do when trying to find the best commercial properties to invest in? Some factors which can aid in making that decision easier are listed below:

    • Location: You might have heard that location is the key factor when investing in real estate, and it is. The location plays a big factor for both, rental yield and long term asset appreciation. The connectivity and ease of approach plays a big factor in making the commercial property a good investment.
    • Builder Credibility: Purchasing from a reputed builder reduces the risk factor. The past project delivery, performance and brand value plays a huge factor while choosing the best commercial property to invest in. It is crucial to check the paperwork, government licenses, approval and check upon any violations before investing.
    • Expert Opinion: Consulting with the experts like lawyers, property consultants, chartered  accountants etc prior to finalizing the deal is needed. There are many documents which need validation or understanding the financial payouts and terms and conditions should be deep dived into.  

Shriram Business Park is a perfect mix of luxury and heritage that offers a range of commercial investments to match one’s criteria, may it be commercial plots for big warehouses, offices or commercial shops for retail stores. The Business Park is designed with sustainability in mind like the solar power backup, rain water harvesting, sewage treatment plant and much more, keeping our environment green and clean. All this along with our location makes us the best commercial property in Raipur.


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