Mall at Shrirambusinesspark

Since ages, investment in properties have been considered as the most lucrative opportunity in terms of safety of funds, wealth creation, soaring appreciation and substantial tax benefits within a certain period of time.

Commercial properties include a vast number of categories such as retail, office, mobile home parks, RV park, billboards, industrial and just the land. All of them have their unique characteristics.

There are multiple commercial property investment opportunities in our country, but the question is how do we get to know about it?

  • Commercial property must have attractive growth prospects
  • Commercial property that requires lower down payment for example RV parks, billboards and mobile home parks can be an option as per budget
  • Keep a check upon availability of bank debt for a particular commercial property

The first and foremost job of any one planning to invest in real estate is to select an area or the right niche which has a maximum number of tenants than one with less number of tenants. This will ensure safety of funds and increase growth prospects.

One such commercial real estate opportunity is Sriram Business Park, an oasis of luxury, heritage and prosperity in Raipur.

  • It has a magnificent entrance 
  • Multi level and spacious shopping complexes
  •  Lavish landscaping, amphitheater and event space
  • 3 kinds of parking spaces – on road parking, standalone parking building with terrace parking, and open parking spaces

All of these built with high quality products with absolute security and 24*7 customer support.

Commercial Property Investment Advice For Better Selection:

  • Commercial land investment has always been more rewarding than residential projects but also possess higher risks.
  • If a person is running a retail outlet, they are bound to maintain their store and storefront and if they don’t, it will have adverse effects on their business and ultimately the value of property is increased.
  • Income potential is higher in commercial properties that are located in commercial areas (markets).
  • Conduct an extensive market research before investing in commercial property, for example: you can invest in developing areas rather than fully developed areas as this will lead to increased profitability and provide higher investment returns. 
  • Always seek advice from experts like lawyers, property consultants, Chartered Accountants as these people will assist you in chasing viable properties in that area and provide accurate information on legal and financial aspects.
  • Understanding the lease structure is utmost important as it discloses the risk involved with the property value.
  • Make sure you deal with one of the reputed builders in your city who have a clean record of successful completion of projects.
  • Most important aspect is aesthetics, the infrastructure, amenities provided and basic utilities such as electricity, drainage, water supply, and broadband networks etc.
  • It should be located in hubs of the city with a perfect or related neighborhood as this might affect your property value and appreciation rate.
  • If you are planning to rent it out, you must assess your tenant as good tenants pay higher deposits, rent on time, keep the place upto the mark that helps in increasing its value and stay longer.

Sriram Business Park is one of the finest commercial real estate investment opportunities available for people with great taste and willing to invest in the most posh areas of the city.