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Can you imagine buying a commercial property without investing money out of your pocket? The answer is ‘YES’.  You have quite a few options, so let us now understand how to buy commercial property with no money.

There are many people who do complete research and analysis to find the best commercial property to invest in and generate monthly incomes out of it. Here’s the complete guide on how to buy commercial property with no money.

  • Start thinking out of the box to crack the best deals

In order to find the most attractive deals, you must think creatively and that you influence sellers to accept your conditions in the deal, in a way that both parties are benefited in some way or the other.

  • Find a lucrative opportunity and propose them to big investors 

Buying commercial property for investments, money is the utmost important factor, but not necessarily yours. You need not worry as there are big investors who can raise capital for you given a good opportunity. These big retail investors don’t have much time to find good deals altogether, they find operators who do this task and if they find it worth investing. they put their money. You can start working as per your plans as this is one of the best investment strategy.

  • Apply for real estate license

First and foremost, get your real estate license and look for best deals in your area. Make sure while looking for deals, you inform sellers that you are associated with big investors who are willing to invest in deals chosen by you. You will be addressed by a number of sellers in no time to listen to your offers.

Also once you become a real estate license holder you can claim your commission on acquiring an asset. You just need to invest your time and energy and everything goes on its own.

  • Apply to lease the property you are going to buy

Another way to buy commercial property with no money, is to apply for a lease. Simply processed towards the seller, give her/him an option to lease the property instead of buying. Further you have two options, either you lease the property and start your own business or you can sublease to another tenant and s/he can pay you rentals. Each monthly payment leads you towards purchase of land, eventually without paying a wholesome amount. The lease works until your contract is valid and both the parties agree upon it.

  • Seller financing

In this situation, you need to persuade the sellers to lend the money and also accept monthly installments towards buying the commercial property. This saves you from finding other money lenders. Few questions arises why would seller do that, because s/he might:

  1. Want to avoid tax from selling a property
  2. Attractive returns in long run
  3. They look for monthly returns
  4. This way they can sell property faster

Shriram Business Park gives you one of the growing opportunities to find the best commercial property in town. What’s better than finding investors instead of buying commercial property with cash of your own and crack the deal faster and enjoy buying property in the most luxurious project.

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