WING F - Shriram business park

Real estate is an ever booming industry, especially when you want both short term and long term returns. One of the investments where you not only see the investment principal amount grow but also reap an added monthly return. And what more, the taxation benefit on the long term return is an added advantage. Like any other investment, one has to do some research and find the right property to fit their requirements. So what kind of research does one do?

When looking to invest in real estate for personal property you need to look at multiple factors. We have listed a few here to help you find the right one for you.

  1. Market research: Understanding the past trend and gauging the future growth scope is important. When buying commercial property for investment in an upcoming area versus a well developed area the returns tend to be better long term. A developing area prices will be more competitive than that of a developed area. Following news of the areas where the government is planning to promote growth and giving subsidies is also one of the best ways to invest in commercial real estate.
  2. Location: Location is the key for any real estate deal. A well connected and accessible space is easier to lease. Even the property valuation soars better over time. For a big office building proximity to the airport, a metro station is important, while for a small retail space accessibility for their customers is the key. So depending on the type of property location can be narrowed down.
  3. Choosing the right property type: Depending on your budget and risk appetite narrowing down the type of commercial property to invest is crucial. Commercial properties options like retail space for shops, offices, warehouses, large buildings for schools or hospitals or hotels are available for investment. The best commercial investments are the ones which match your risk taking capacity.
  4. Expert opinion: While making a commitment in real estate, it is imperative to consult the experts like property consultants, lawyers and CA to assist with the documents verification, government approvals, taxation impact, finance and legalities. A builder will have a pile of paperwork for review and it’s always better to get the experts to explain the gist of the same. Also in case you are applying for a bank loan for buying commercial property for investment the bank will need all legal paperwork to complete the formalities.
  5. Builder reputation: Investing in known builder properties is advantageous. When dealing with a reputed builder with a good track in prior projects gives you more comfort when it comes to construction quality, sanction paperwork and meeting delivery timelines. You can also rely on the brand value of the builder when looking to lease or sell.

Shriram Business Park not only covers every one of the factors but options like retail space or office space is available to choose to make the best commercial investments to fit your need. It is indeed one of the finest properties available to explore.